Stay With Me

I first wrote Stay With Me from Clare’s point of view. It wasn’t the right way into the story, but I couldn’t see it in any other way. So I put it aside and watched Buffy reruns until I had seen all 7 seasons. In short, I brooded. When The Kings Are Already Here had been chosen as NYPL Books for the Teen Age 2004 list, I decided to go to the reception they have for all those on the list. Which is how I found myself, one April afternoon, at the New York Public Library, in a room filled with librarians, writers and editors. Maybe it was that everyone could pronounce my last name. Maybe it was that all the librarians were also hard core Buffy watchers. Perhaps it was simply that I was in NYC. Suddenly the book cracked open, and Leila pointed at all the ways it could be done. Brooding is good for you. Especially if you do it watching Buffy.

Book Categories: Young Adult