An Introduction of a Sort?

Garret Weyr is a writer whose seven books have been banned, translated into a multitude of languages, and included in college curricula. Her books have won awards and readers.  Her short stories have been published in the Greensboro Review, the sadly missed Christopher Street, and the anthology Starry Eyed. She has taught Literature and Creative Writing at various college and MFA programs. She has an MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. She is a native of New York City and now lives in Long Beach, CA.

So the above is a version of the paragraph that I send out for formal events.  It would be more accurate to say that my entire life has been shaped by my secret superpower: I’m a dyslexic who reads all the time. You have to really love reading if you are dyslexic.

I grew up in a fairly big apartment that was barely big enough for my amazing sisters, odd pets, interesting parents, and me.  And the books.  So many!  When I went out into the world, I was surprised that people thought of NYC as big or strange.  To me, the city is small and familiar.  What that reveals is that every story depends on point of view.  Think about your day from your chair’s point of view.  Or your cat’s.  Throw in a few important details (does your chair prefer when you sit up straight?  Does your cat throw up on your shoes or your bed?) and you have a story.

I’ve pretty much built my career as a writer and teacher on POV and detail.  Plus on reading, dyslexia, and a family full of stories.