The College Essay and other Writing Beasts

I work with students 7th grade through college on improving writing skills.  I also help with the college essay.

My clients have been accepted at Barnard, Davidson, American University, Washington University, UNC-Chapel Hill, Dickinson, Lafayette, Duke, Boston University, and others.

Are you confused (or enraged) at being ask to reduce your life to 600 words?

Did you ace the common app essay only to discover that your college of choice has a host of confusing supplemental questions?

Don’t panic and don’t berate yourself.  The college essay is a strange beast.  I am here to help, but not to make crazy promises or write it for you.  Clients work with me because I am affordable, experienced, and calm.  I know how to help you write your best.

I always work on a sliding and charge by the hour.  There is no package you have to buy.  For the college essay, the first meeting is not free because we do most of our work during that meeting.

For the college essay, I’ve worked with students via Skype in the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Europe.  Now, thanks to COVID, I do all my meetings on ZOOM.  I have never failed to get an essay out of a student.  If I fail with you, all the work is free.

Email me for a HOW IT WORKS.pdf, for references, or with questions.

If you are struggling in school with writing, I can also help.  Being asked to write an essay or term paper can be overwhelming.  But at the end of the day, it is simply a skill EVERYONE can learn.  And I can teach you.

The ability to write well in school should belong to everyone.   I work on a sliding scale to fit both your budget and the nature of the work.  I do not use Skype for tutoring unless you are traveling or sick.  I work in the Venice/Santa Monica/Culver City area.  I also have days available in Long Beach/Orange County

The first meeting for tutoring is free so that we can both walk away with no obligation. Writing is a process that reveals who we are and that makes it personal.  I need the first meeting to know that I can help you and you need to know that too.

Email me with questions or for references.